Microsoft Office 365

Have you ever searched for high-performance software applications that you hope will be more efficient and help boost productivity? Your wish can become a reality with our Microsoft Office 365 solution. All the best-in-class suite of Microsoft productivity apps that you know and love are now in the cloud, meaning you can access them anytime and from anywhere.

With Strike Point Enterprises’s web-based Office 365 solution, you can improve collaboration and easily leave comments on a file, share it with other users, retain files even when a computer shuts down, and make sure that your software is updated to the latest release. All these and more are available for the same low monthly fee.

Our Microsoft Office 365 solutions gives you:

  • Predictability - the same price to spend monthly
  • Mobility - browse and create documents wherever, whenever
  • Reliability - we keep downtime to a minimum
  • Support - we will provide 24/7 assistance

The applications you know and love just got better.

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